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I’m Stacy Mendelson, and I compiled the information in The Quercetin Report from medical journals, clinical trial reports, news reports, etc.. I link to the resources where I get the data so that readers can get more details if they want.

I hope that you’ve found this information insightful and resources helpful. My goal was to make the data easy to find so that you could get your questions answered quickly and easily.

I know from personal experience that researching health and nutrition online can be quite a time-consuming challenge. This is because everyone has their own opinion on everything.

Finding real medical studies and documented research can give us the true answers that we are looking. Consequently, this is much better than simply trusting someone whom we’ve never met before.

Much of the data is from medical research studies and clinical trials from sites like:

  • PubMed
  • WedbMD
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • Well-Known Universities
  • Professional Medical Doctors

We also strive to provide both sides of the story, both the positive and negative. For example, Here’s an interesting finding that most websites don’t include:

“An undergraduate research journal titled the Journal of Young Investigators makes a noteworthy point. Although people believe that quercetin protects against many diseases, researchers have not yet determined its absorption rate. That said, they are still trying to determine whether or not the flavonoid actually has to be absorbed in order to have positive effects on the body.”

Please let me know if you have any questions. And thanks for stopping by!

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